VDT Treasury Day - Review

A day dedicated to treasury! On 08 November 2018 the German Treasury Association (VDT) invited for the first time to the VDT Treasury-Day. This newly developed format combines the annual general meeting of the VDT with presentations and discussions about current trends or relevant topics in treasury. Some 120 VDT members travelled to Frankfurt to experience this new format in person.


The focus topic on the first VDT Treasury-Day was "Digitisation in Treasury” and was meant to provide the participants with guidance as to: 


  • What we talk about when we speak about digitisation in general terms – including ethical aspect of digitization;

  • How corporates approach digitisation in treasury; 

  • How banks are experiencing digitisation and how they are seeking to redefine their strategic approach to different business areas such as payments.

In a subsequent panel, the question of "Treasury goes digital" was discussed. Key takeaways from this talk were:

  • Most markets are currently characterized by an abundance of start-ups that seek to gain the critical mass to survive, but that these markets also lack standardization. This adds risk to any substantial investment decision made today by a corporate;

  • Corporates have slower innovation cycles than Fintechs. Therefore we will likely see a time lag between the development of ideas and their wide spread deployment in treasury;

  • Not all use cases that seem attractive to banks are also attractive for corporates (example: algo-trading). On the other hand, corporates are desperately waiting for a solution that brings a signification improvement of the costly KYC process, while banks fear legal repercussions from the adherence to a – to be defined – standard.

In the annual general meeting the VDT board members provided a comprehensive overview of the association’s development during the past year. 

The membership numbers continued to rise and at the turn of the year 2018/19, the association will combine more than 1,200 natural persons representing 600 members. To expand its current reach, the VDT has decided to be active in social media such as XING, which is to be followed by LinkedIn and Twitter. Also the VDT website will be relaunched in a new design and with new functionalities starting in 2019. 

In 2018 the VDT discussed and reviewed the qualification needs and offers for treasurers – and decided to extend the existing qualification offer by additional pillars. The already known seminar offerings will be revised and should be expanded by 2020. Further new pillars are a Treasury Expert and Execute Qualification and Meetings for Senior Treasury Executives.

Apart from seminars, webinars and newsletters offered by the different departments of the treasury association, three highlights of the association’s work were: 


  • The coordination of nearly 10 trade and professional associations in the discussion with the German Financial Markets Association (BaFin) on the impact of German legislation on payment factories;

  • The participation in the development of a Loan Markets Association recommended Schuldschein documentation and an accompanying user guide;

  • A member survey, about the members’ perception of the association's work, possibilities for optimisation and expectations towards the association. While the feedback was mainly positive some points were identified where the VDT can do improvements.