Upcoming events and training of the European treasury associations

ACT Middle East Annual Dinner

15 October 2018

Dubai, UAE

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ACT Middle East Treasury Summit 2018

16-17 October 2018

Dubai, UAE

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ATEB event: Treasury: The unsung hero in M&A transactions

16 October 2018

Brussels, Belgium

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ACTA Corporate Visit – FACC & deepdive presentation sessions “Banking in China – between regulation and flexibility"

17 October 2018

St. Martin, Austria

CEE 2018 Conference

18-19 October 2018

Budapest, Hungary

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ATEL & EY workshop: Financing and treasury activities in the post-ATAD world – changes, challenges and opportunities as from 2019

18 October 2018


SAF Annual Conference -Corporate finance management 2018

23 – 24 October 2018

Bratislava, Slovakia

ATEB event: Treasury structures in Belgium vs other competitors countries

25 October 2018

Zaventem, Belgium

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VDT event: Regionaltreffen Süd 

25 October

München, Germany

ATEB Treasury Summit

8 November 2018

Zaventem, Belgium

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VDT Treasury-Day I Mitgliederversammlung 

08 November 2018

Frankfurt am Main

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Les Journées de l'AFTE

13-14 November 2018

Paris, France

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ACT Annual Dinner

14 November 2018

London, UK

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ACT Treasury Forum

14 November 2018

London, UK

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DACT Treasury Fair 

15&16 November 2018

Congres Centre Leeuwenhorst Noordwijk, The Netherlands

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ACTA Annual General Assembly

15 November 2018

Vienna, Austria

GEFIU Annual General Meeting

November 15, 2018

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

VDT event: Structured FINANCE - Die Kongressmesse für Unternehmensfinanzierung  

​21 & 22 November 2018

Stuttgart, Germany

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VDT event: (Bank)Kredit - Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen...

04 December 2018

Düsseldorf, Germany

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VDT event: Pension Asset Management - Herausforderungen & Management im Corporate Treasury 

11. Dezember 2018

Frankfurt, Germany

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ATEL Xmas conference - Economic update and forecast 2019 – Latest hot topics in treasury

20 December 2018 a

Hotel Royal



Training organised by ACT (UK)

Training organised by AFTE (France)

Training organised by ASSET (Spain)

Training organised by VDT (Germany)