EACT held its Board meeting after its third Summit

Following the third EACT Summit in La Hulpe in the Brussels suburbs on 7 and 8 March 2019 (168 participants from 22 European countries), EACT held its semi-annual board of directors as well as its annual general meeting. Several new figures have appeared among the directors, coming from Finland, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Slovenia. A representative of Portugal also participated in part of the work, with the aim of creating an association of corporate treasurers in this country.

These meetings are an opportunity to update the work of the various commissions of the European association: cybersecurity, fintechs, payments, communication ... The working group "cybersecurity" which includes 11 members from 9 associations led in January 2019 a round table organized by the ACT in London and wrote 2 articles published in the EACT newsletter. For 2019, its ambitions are to develop the presence on LinkedIn and to organize a webinar. A joint meeting with the "fintechs" group is also envisaged.

With regard to the communication commission, which is headed by Jean-Claude Climeau (AFTE) and Cornelia Hesse (VDT), the 2018 review results in 7 newsletters, the redesign of the EACT institutional brochure and the creation of the EACT LinkedIn account. In addition to the publication of six newsletters, the main goal of 2019 is to improve the presence of the EACT on social networks.

In partnership with BNP Paribas, PwC and SAP, the kick-off meeting of the fourth edition of Journeys to treasury took place in January in Brussels. Most of the themes developed in 2019 will come from the survey that has been sent to 700 treasurers and has already collected 180 responses. The report will be unveiled at the EuroFinance conference, this year in Copenhagen in October.

From an administrative point of view, the 2018 accounts, which show a profit of 5 k euros, were approved by the annual general meeting.

Finally, the Officers of the EACT has been renewed and now consist of Jean-Marc Servat Chair, François Masquelier and Caroline Stockmann Deputy Chairs, Jean-Claude Climeau Treasurer and Karen Van den Driessche Secretary.

Richard Cordero
Chief Operating Officer, EACT